Fixing the Brain Fart

At some point in the last month Unity had a major brain fart and lost connections between prefabs, materials and meshs... As a result the ship models were there but couldn't be seen (no I'm not working on cloaking, but maybe I should?) . I'd been living with it and trying to fix other bigger bugs. 

I've spent time squashing the worst offending bugs and took some time last night to reconnect the prefabs. And you know what? The game is much prettier when there's something to look at! Go figure. 

I also rediscovered my love for extension methods in C#. 

Which lets me do thins like this:

Which is so much simpler than it would be otherwise. Got to love it.

You probably don't care about all that. Wait! Who am I kidding, no one reads this crap... If you actually made it this far, then I've pushed an update to Itch. The game is a bit more playable. The AI ships have a bit more going on. I still haven't balanced the game so you my find it too hard or too easy or too boring or too awesome (probably not). 

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Version 6 Sep 28, 2019

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