Magic in 60 Minutes or Less

And people say you can't do good things in small amounts of time.  Or do they? I don't know. I'm just making this stuff up as a I go.

My day job has started back up, but I managed to find a few minutes today to make some progress. Again, don't get used to it, it won't last. Weapons are now able to "pre-target" before they are fully powered up. I never was good at clicking fast, so this takes some of the time pressure off the player and puts it more back on to the gray stuff between their ears. What you target, in what order, and with which weapons should be important and this will hopefully give the player a bit more control. 

I've also added really ugly numbers to the targeting cursor (slightly buggy) to indicate which weapon is targeting where... The weapon panels also have matching number. It's so cute when they match!

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Version 5 Aug 21, 2019

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